Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Make Money with Flipkart


                                          How to Make Money with Flipkart

1.Creat Flipkart Afflited Account
  Go to www.flipkart.com and go down page futter in Flipkart Afflited Program  and Click hear   Register. Make Money. by becoming a Flipkart Affiliate 

Flipkart Affiliate Program 

Ragister and go to Loging  Your Own Flipkart Affiliate Account
Go to Flipkart webste www.flipkart.com Chouse any Product and click hear product .open new Page Copy URL this page and go to Flipkart Affiliate Account  and Past URL in Flipkart Shortner
and Short Your Link 
Copy this short link and  flow short link URL Your website and socal meadia 

Sell This  Product and Earn Your Commition.
Very Simpal Earn Money with Flipkart

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