Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to make money with Youtube Eszy 11 step


            How to Make Money with Youtube Eszy 11 Steps 

                                                               1. creat google account 

 2.creat gmail account 


 3.creat youtube account

 4.creat youtube channel 

 5.creat vedio 

 6.Up Lode Vedio

 7.Compulet Youtube Tram And Condistion ( 1000 Subcriber and 4000 Watch Hower) no Havey tram and coundataion

 8.Creat Adsense Account

 9.Monetization on Your Youtube Channel 

 10. Monetize Youre Vedio 11.Earn You Money Plz Work Daly Immedatly and more More More Earn Money

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