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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger

You may have heard about Facebook Instant Articles? Also, wanting to add Facebook Instant Articles on your Blogger BlogSpot site. In this article, we will show you how to setup Facebook instant articles in blogger with step by step instructions. We will also cover pros and cons of using Facebook Instant articles to see whether it is worthy to be considered or not.

Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger BlogSpot Step By Step

  Facebook Instant Articles

1. Sign up for Facebook
 First of all, you need to have your own account signup name inside Facebook. Firstly you have created your account, after that you must sign in under your account and you will be able to run your account for a few days, after that when there are few days  If you go then you have to sign up on the instant article
 Facebook does not allow everyone to sign up on the instant article, so first you have to login to your account for a few days and make your friends at least 3 months old. Facebook approves your term for the account's Facebook state article  There is an end condition, so if you are new for the first 3 months, then for the first 3 months, work your Facebook account regularly, what is working?  People have to add their friends on the book account and you have to post the post, you can send a picture or you can make any of your posts, what is it that your work will be regular, Facebook will feel that it is my regular candidate  After you sign up on the instant article, you will be approved for the instant article
 2. Sign up for instant article
 Sign up yourself inside the instant article: WWW dot Facebook as you go, you have to find the option of instant article or
 You can find the option of instant article by going inside the Google search engine, search by writing an instant article, the website of the estate article will open and you will be asked to sign up for the state article, there you can sign up  Ho
 You have signed up inside the instant article, after that you will login to your Facebook page and you will get a publication tool.
 As soon as you go inside the Publication Toll, click inside the Publication Pool, you will open the instant article, you go inside it and the left side will see everything.
 Publication tool

 Instant article
 Production article
 Development article
 Explain article
 First of all, you have to configure your website, whether your website is blog or blogger or WordPress paper, you will have to configure your website. As soon as you say the option of configuration, you will see some options.  But you will see a link which will be written, you put this link inside your website and below that you put the URL of your website  And then click on submit, your website will be added
 Connect your website
 Pest URL your website
 Claim your website instant article
 Show green signal of your website URL
 Website is ready
 B. Production feed
 You have to paste this URL in it, I have written your url instead of your website, you change it, after that you put this URL inside the production feed, what is it that will take the production feed that you have  If pink color is visible or red color is visible, do not change it, because this is what it is in the RSS feed and it is given.
 C. Development feed
 In the development field also, the URL you have given inside the production field, in the same way, you should give the same URL inside it so that all the posts that you have entered in your blog will take the production feed of all the posts and give it to the development feed.  And development feed will submit your post on Facebook state article so that your post will reach Facebook
 All your posts have gone inside Facebook, on those posts you will see red color and full gram sign of yellow color or something like that, do not panic, you should make your own posts, well written posts that will be liked in Facebook  It will take a total of 10 posts within it. After taking the sports, you send your posts for review and the posts which have red color or yellow color sign are pink color sign.  You delete those colors, the posts which have any type of sign, you leave all those posts and send them for review but then when you have posted 10 without any sign then you send them.  After going for the review, you will get a message saying that your post has been posted for 30 days, take the name of 30 days, but within 1 week your post comes via review.

 Explain article
 Inside the Xplane article you have to go there, you will have to choose the option of simple style, you will have an option named style, you will have to choose there, you have to put your logo and there is a lot of settings, you can also set a small logo of your own.  After putting the logo, save the submit, after which you can submit your article

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles in Blogger

  Signup for Facebook Instant Articles

The very first thing you need to do is to visit Facebook Instant Articles page and click on the signup button to get the process started.

Now you will be asked to select one of your Facebook pages that you would like to use for your instant articles.
Select your page to add Facebook Instant Articles


After selecting the page of your choice, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of using Instant articles. After agreeing to terms, click on ‘Access Instant Articles Tools’ button.

To begin the authentication process, click on "Authorize your site" link, and Facebook will scroll you to the Tools section where you will see a small code snippet. 

You need to copy this code and paste after the <head> section of your Blogger Theme.
Go to Blogger >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Search for <head> and just below it paste the code.
After adding the code to your Blogger Theme press Save to store changes.
Once you have successfully added the meta code to your website, go back to the publisher tools section of your Facebook Page. 
You need to enter the URL of your site. After entering click on "Claim URL" to finish the authentication process. 
If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will see a message that says "Your URL has been claimed".
Facebook Instant Article URL Claimed Blogger
The next step is to add your website's RSS Feed link to Facebook Instant Articles, so it can automatically fetch information about your articles when they are published on your site. 
Luckily, Blogger provides a robust RSS feeds page by default for each blog that you create. Also Make sure your's RSS Feeds are turned on your Blogger site.
Another thing you will need to make sure that your "Blog Posts Feed" are set to Full. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Others >> Site feed >>. Make sure "Allow Blog Feed" is either set to Full or if you want custom settings you can follow as shown in the screenshot below:

If you are already using a setting that already allows full blog posts feeds then there is no need to make any changes in this step.
You can access your RSS feeds page by adding /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss after your site's URL i.e.:
Copy your RSS feed URL and switch back to your page's Publishing Tools >> Instant Article. Scroll down to Tools section and select "Production RSS Feed" to expand more options.
Paste your RSS feed URL and click on the "Save" button. Now the page will be refreshed, and you will see a message that your feed was successfully added if you followed the instructions correctly.

Adding Logo to Your Instant Articles



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