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11 important steps to get the blog website running

11 important steps to get the blog website running

 1. Domain Name Connect
 2. Theme
 3. Content
 4. Keywords
 5. Image or Video
 6. Architecture Settings
 7. Indexing
 8.Daily Routine
 9. Ad Network
 10. Tag Manager
 11. Verify Webmaster Tools

 1. Domain Name Connect

 If you create a block, let's say you have created a blog whose URL is
 Now you have to connect your blog to your domain name. First of all you have to take one of your top level domain names like
 What is a top level domain
  I would like you to buy one of these domain names in your name so that you do not face problems later. If you are making a blog, then the normal thing is that you have to earn money and if you do not want to earn money, then you can make any domain.  Can buy name
 Because Google,, they do not allow other big companies to put their website in the top level 2 so that you can earn money, so you should not buy the top two.

 2. Theme

 If you have created your own blog then what is it that there are some inbuilt themes inside the blog, if you like those three, then you can apply one of those themes on your blog, which at most shows ads on your website.  That means you have the option to show ads
 If it is not so and you do not think, then you will write a responsive Bhima and click on the image as soon as you write all this inside Google search, you will see many pictures, one of which is a template you can download the excel file of that time plate  You can upload to your blog which I showed in the picture below

 In this way, you can put a response you theme on your blog that can show more and more ads on your blog and increase the beauty of your blog.  Will give you approval because the end network only and only have to show their ad, they will love more and more AIDS.

 3. Content

 The type of content you write about in your blog should be according to the guidelines of any ad network, the type of topic you are writing about, any type of sex or fight fights in your given content or  There is no mention of defamation or defamation of anyone, or no objections to your content, you should not write any objectionable content so that  C does not not have any problem of any kind
 Content has to be written well which the reader will like and repeatedly visit your blog or website.
 By doing this, your website ranking will increase and your website will run more and more and more ads will be seen on your website and the website will come in the website running, this will help you to earn more profit and more money.

 4. Keywords

 You have written a post, after publishing, if you publish it, before publishing, if you are writing on the blog, then the option of search will appear in the side, inside the search option, you will get some keyword based on the post you have written.  You have to write, assuming that you have posted a post on Facebook, you earn money from Facebook, then you write keywords on the same basis as
 How to earn money from facebook
 How to make maximum money from Facebook,
 How does facebook give you money
 And other such keywords, you must save by writing inside the search box of your blog, then you will write that only then your post will be able to sleep inside the Google search engine and will come into search and your post will be more open and your blog will get more and more ranking  Will come
 So it is necessary to enter keywords
 If you do not do this, then no one will know what you have written in the post, what your post is about, if you do not write, then such post is lying in crores of people whose keywords are not written and without keywords, they will never  Does not come in search engines and remains the same

 5. Image or video

 In every post that you are putting on your website, do put image or video in it. By applying this, the beauty of your post increases, secondly if you put any video, then your video plays simultaneously and the third one image is equal to 1000 words.  So that your post becomes even better and in search, more and more of your posts bring your image, it is noted that the image itself is 70% in running the post.  Your post runs with the help of image, your blog runs, your website runs, without image, your post remains as a post, so you must put the image in your post, by applying this, you will get maximum profit from the image.  Type of
 You should put an image on your post according to your post, as if you have written about Facebook, then you should apply an image of Facebook related to your post related to Facebook, neither does the ad network have any problem nor  Facebook or anyone else has problems with anyone's image and your post goes on and your blog runs well and your website runs well.
 Must enter image or video

 6. Architecture Settings

 If you have written any content in your blog, its architecture and its setting is very important. If you write any content on any topic of any kind, then firstly its architecture is very important. Based on architecture, blog is written on the basis of architecture itself.  Goes articles are written inside the article, you must first take care of some aspects
 The title
 You have to give the title of your post a bit, because the title itself plays a very big role, based on the title, your post should be written, your content should be, your title should be written on the same title on which you are creating the post, so good  Insert good title from within your post
 If you are posting your headings on your blog or on any website, then you should enlarge your headings on it and enlarge and bold as necessary so that it is a heading, then inside the title bar above, you select the heading.  To do this, select your tax and click on the heading so that according to the tax bar, the size of your heading will be defaulted according to the block.  And your heading will be automatically bold
 Sub heading
 You have given some points below the heading inside your block which is known as you have set all the time ding by selecting the heading from inside the title bar.  So that all your headings are well visible
 And you could write a good post and make it public on the blog.

 7. Indexing

 If you have written or posted any post on your website, then the search engine is the biggest contributor to getting your website running, so that your given post gets in the search. To do this, we have to index our website.  For indexing, we have to go to a big website, an index site, as I am telling you now below.
 1. Google Search Console
 2. Bing Webmaster Tools
 And there are other indexing sites through which you can index your website and search more and more inside the search engine and get more and more visitors to your website if you do this, your website or blog more and more.  Will run and will rank more and more, by doing this you will get maximum profit and earn maximum money.
 You must index your website or blog inside the search engine.

 8. Daily Routine

 If you want to make your website in the rankings, then in the daily routine, you should post a post on your website so that your website will come in the running, even if you put only five posts in 1 day, but do post a post.  Even after changing different topics, your website or blog will not run. Put a post on the same topic, your website or blog will do well and you will be profitable.  , I think you need to put at least 300 posts to get your blog in the running. If your blog is on the basis of your own post, then your block will never stop and will always keep running so you  Must post daily

 9. Ad Network

 You have created your blog or website and your blog and website will be up and running, then you have to use the ad network to make money from your blog or website, which will show ads on your website, by doing this in both your blog and website.  If there is one of them, then one of its beauty will increase and the other ads which will show on your website will increase your earnings from those advertisements and you will get any ad network.  Can listen to it as I tell you the names of some ad network
 Those other very head networks are available. You can use any ad network that you like and give you more money. You can use any admit as per your choice.

 10. Teg manager

 You must have heard about Google Enathy, there is a tag manager inside Google NLNT. If you do not know about Tag Manager, then you can search Tag Manager by going inside Google search and on Tag Manager you can find your website  Get registered and according to your website,
on which topic your website is made, all the tigers of that topic should be provided to them, by doing this, as many posts were written on your website.  The tag of all those posts will reach the tag manager and that too will try to make your website search more and more inside the search engine. By doing this, your website ranking will increase and your website will get more and more running, so I will give you  Would like to say that you must use tag manager

 11. Webmaster Tools Verify

 You must enter the URL of your website and its description inside the webmaster tool and get your website verified, because before the search console, you have to verify your website within the webmaster tool, by doing this your website will be available to the world wide search engine.  Reaches inside and if anyone in the whole world wants to see your website or anyone, any topic given by you  Baked will keywords tow search by the first come to your website search and it will be more and more people to your website will increase the ranking of your website to do and even more for your money as you add your network
 Thank you

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