Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Best Google alternative of Sovrn

Sovrn is the best add publisher platform

Sovrn is a very good Google alternative platform that works like Google so that we can make more money from Google

 First step

 - first of all we have to go to the website of Sovrn
 After this, we have to sign up, after signing up, it will give us an OTP through which it will verify us by email after verification, your account will be open which is like Google Adsense in which you can add your website.  Huh

 Second step

 After login in your account, you have to add your website which goes for uploading within 72 hours, after which your website is uploaded, then you can show your ad, which is a best alternative of Google.

 Third step

 You can add your own ad to your website which is according to the money that you want to put for $ 1, then the $ 1 add will show in the website if you want to put $ 5, then the head of $ 5 will be a surprise in your website so that  You can make more and more money
 And more than this, you also have more convenience that you can add Google Adsense add on your website in addition to Sovrn which shows when Sovrn's ad is not showing then Google Adsense ad show so that you, from Sovrn  So you are earning money and you are also earning from Google Adsense.
 This is a very good facility that was not given to any other platform in touch till date

 Fourth step

 Sovrn is the best platform in terms of payment
 Jogi transfers your payment to your account on the 1st of the month, as I said that this is the best platform and this facility is given the best in it, it gives you other types of facilities to make payments like you
  You can also take payment from PayPal,
 You can take payment through check also
 Wire transfers can also be transferred to your bank,
 You can also take your payment from bank draft,
 The biggest thing is that there is no problem in taking payment in this and Google Adsense like you keeps pressing your 1 month payment, there is nothing like that your money is transferred to your bank on the 1st, so  I would like to tell you Sovrn runs is the best of the best platform of the world

  Fifth step

 Both Sowran and Google Adsense have the same rum and condition, so that you can open and run both Sovrn and Google Adsense, they can have their own term and condition beans. Understand that your Google Adsense account is uploaded  So that Sovrn will also be approved on the website

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