Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Fast Grow your YouTube channel

How to grow your YouTube channel


First Step 

First you have to make your channel well, then you have to take any one or two picks in your channel so that your channel can grow and become public so that your channel spreads more and more in the world.  Could you make your own video, the second one was your own video, the copyrighted video will not play, and you do not have to make a video on any topic that you have taken the topic initially.  Come on, if you take a missing topic from Facebook, then you can make your video on Facebook itself, on any matter of Facebook, so that everyone feels that this video will be found only by Facebook and whoever wants information about Facebook or  If anyone wants to solve a technical problem about it, then go to your own channel and watch the videos made by you as much as possible so that Google YouTube  Gay has increased the number of viewers on your channel, who will be reading the watch towers of your channel so that your channel can be typed quickly and you start earning

Second steps 

that you give your video description well  First of all, you have to write your title well and then you have to write your description properly and after that you remove the tag from Google search and put the pack inside the tag  You will be the one who has made the video on my behalf, you can also give your tags by watching that video so that your video will get more and more search and your channel will grow. After the

Third step

you will make your video public.  After publishing it, you can go to the editing of your video and inside it you can give your link which shows the other video on your video or which other video is also yours.  The watcher can also watch your other videos so that your watch time will be more and if your voice time is more, then your ad will run more and if Google's ad runs more, then your money will also be more so that you can make a lot of money  You can earn the way you can run your channel well from YouTube, you can earn maximum money

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