Sunday, May 10, 2020

Facebook Audience Network Disable To Reactivate

 What to do if your Facebook audience network has become disabled
 Facebook Audience Network is also like Google Adsense, just like Google has a policy, the Facebook Audience Network has a policy.
 Once Google Adsense is disabled in Google Adsense, it is not activated again because according to their program policy, they cannot activate again, similarly Facebook Audience Network
 Facebook audience network also does not activate again. Once your administrator is activated, then it is not activated again. I am going to tell you my most simple way, how to activate your account.
 You will have to create a new account of Facebook because the old account will not be activated as you have Google's policy, similarly Facebook has the same policy that if you do not activate your activated account again, they activate the account but their

 Once disabled or deactivated due to any reason, then the Naat is activated and not enabled, however their account will be open, but whatever account of Aaron Money is not activated once it is activated, so you have to create your new account.  There is no solution except to create a new account and work on a new account. Thank you.

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