Friday, August 21, 2020

screen recorder windows 10 free download

          Screen recorder windows 10 free download

If you want to record any of your videos from your PC or from your laptop then you need a screen recorder, download the screen recorder app and install any software, it does not work your success if you work.  As you record, some parts of it appear inside your recording, such as numbering or some software appears that it has been recorded. If you want to see something like this, then I  I am going to tell you a software which is very good and quality.

           First of all you have to go inside your PC or inside the laptop and you connect to the internet and get to the surfing browser.

          After that I mean to tell you of my PC that Microsoft's Windows is going to tell you in a software of Windows which is very good and very easy

              First of all you have to find a software named Xbox inside your browser. The name of the software is

             Or you can go directly to the website of, where you write an X-box name, you will get a software, as soon as the software is found, there will be a downloading option under it, you will have to download the software easily.  And install inside your back will be successful install easily this window is easily downloaded inside the intake window window 8 and after easy installation you will have to make some settings of it that the software will come on its own after that  You have to connect your air phone. If you have a camera, then you have to connect the camera. After that you can easily record any video to screen or anyone can make and send their video anywhere. This is an easy success way because most  The first thing is the software of Microsoft, which is the gaming software, it is very powerful software and with this you can easily make videos, you will have to start this system yourself for some time after letting the software install and window ten  Or search within window 7 window 8  You will have to run an XBOX. As soon as you search, an option will come up such as if you open your office or you open another file, then you will open the X box in the same way as you open it from inside the window and through the X box you will open your  A small screen will open for recording video

             Inside the screen, you will see a recording name point, on the right of it you will get the option of camera and ear phone. Turn on both of you and click on the recording as you click on the recording. Your video will start recording if your on the screen.  If the camera is live, then your video will be recorded inside your camera live and whatever you say will also be recorded. By doing this, you can easily make a good video. If you like my content, then please subscribe.

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