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Thursday, March 5, 2020

11Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

            11     Tips to promote your YouTube channel

 1. Regular Video

 Keep adding videos to your YouTube channel continuously. Within 3 weeks, you must keep about 3 videos. What will happen is that your videos will continue to be posted on your channel and whoever is watching you will definitely watch your new videos so that your channel will definitely  Will grow and if you put videos daily inside your channel then youtube channel will grow even more quickly

 2. Title

 Initially, the title that you give inside your video while making a video, we have to keep that title a little shorter. If you enlarge that title, what is it that many times people who watch your video repeatedly watch that title?  Forced and cut the video of that title and start watching the video further, so you keep such a small title that the next person who is watching YouTube will cut your title.  Keep o and your videos short not be what your watch time Stays and watch time will be a little title of fine video ranking video short on it

 3. Description

 When you make a video, you use the description, then in it you give a link to your other video inside your description so that the person who watches your video can also see the other video which he wants the content and he gets the content on your channel  Try to watch all the videos so that your watch time will increase and the person will subscribe and after subscribing your video  Before you go to your subscribers who watch 20% of the subscribed videos and like you, this will keep your growth in and your YouTube channel will be continuously on

 4. Thumbnail

 What happens with a thumbnail is a thumbnail. Whatever content you put inside your video, we show the title of the content itself and your video attracts more and more the thumbnail of the person who needs it well.  Make well and put the same topic inside your thamil, the topic on which you made the video and pause has a big role in playing the video.  That then gives you a highlight of the center is due to 70% of your videos to see your thumbnails

 5. End Screen

 You must connect the end screen of all the videos of your YouTube channel, after going inside the Youtube Creator, you will find all this. When you go inside the Youtube Creator, there is an option of an end screen from where you end up inside your video.  By giving a link to your own video on the screen, you can show them inside your video so that whichever person watches your video, you can  Surrey video will be visible to him and he will click on your video to see your second video and your second video will also be seen, and the second video will also be endscreen, so your third video will also be seen, thus you will see your series voice all video  And you can show the video of a topic, you can put the endscreen of any kind of video.  You can also play the endscreen in the first of the video, assuming that you have started your endscreen at 20 seconds, after that you have started your endscreen after one minute or 2 minutes, after that you have the third endscreen in the last  Has started so that three times your other videos can be viewed inside one of your videos with the help of the endscreen YouTube Creator.  Im will be over and your video will be seen more and running add even more to your video as your revenue even further

 6. Topic

 If you make a video on any topic, then keep in mind that if you pick one or two or three of your own, then run the entire channel on the same topic as you have chosen the Twitter topic and you have all those YouTube channels on the basis of Twitter within your YouTube  All the videos within the channel are made on Twitter. It is different whether Twitter has a technical video or Twitter's Make Money video or any video related to Twitter, but it should be on Twitter itself.  Thus your channel will run more because you have a channel on one topic. The viewer will understand that all the information of Twitter is present on this channel, he will also subscribe and like your channel and will watch all your videos in turn and from watching  Your watch time will increase and your revenue will also increase.

 7. Download video as a series

 If you want to promote your YouTube channel, then you have to make a video on one topic and make a complete series so that you can watch the entire series of your channel which will increase your watch time and also subscribe to your channel.  Will do and you are sure to profit

 8. Long video

 What will be the profit from the long video, assuming you have made a 20 minute video which is considered to be a very big video, you have to make all your videos between 12 to 17 or 20 minutes so that your watch time will be longer.  The more the watch time will increase, the more your profit will increase and you make the video a series voice, assuming you have made 10 videos of 15:00 and 15 minutes, one of your people assume that we have seen five videos and your  Subscribe to the channel and also likes If your AdSense account Unable you will continue to add shows to your video can add shows every 1 minute or 5 minutes of your video and your income will continue to grow your channel will be growth

 9. Do not use Adward to show videos

  You want your channel to grow as soon as possible so you don't use Edward. Many people say that by giving money inside Edward, you can promote your video as soon as possible, but according to the new term and condition of YouTube, Edward  The watch time of the video shown through it is not your watch time youtube account and your money will also be spoiled and your video will also not be able to grow and  Your channel also will not be able to grow so I request you all not to show the video using Edward

 10. Violation

 You should not put the video of that violation inside any video in your YouTube channel, like I would like to tell you that you should not show any kind of murder, fight, assault, and indecent act of nakedness in your video so that YouTube does not feel  Your video is in violation if you thought that youtube could suspend your account.

 11. Live stream

 If you make your video livestream and make it live, then what is it that saves you time, secondly your video is uploaded hand to hand and your video gets published immediately so that the video becomes difficult to publish  Don't come and your video runs on the verge of playing more and more and your channel also gets angry. I believe that as far as you make your video,  Your video will be published on the live stream created on the live stream itself and watch time will also get more. When the live stream is made in YouTube, go inside YouTube and go to the right corner above Meher and click on the option of live stream. Click  Once done, your livestream will be turned on so that you can create your own video live stream
 Thank you

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