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Sunday, March 29, 2020

How to make money with sovrn program platform

Sovrn is best publisher program platform

  sovrn is a great publisher program
 sovrn's beans are not the same as google adsense's
  If your website has been approved by Google Adsense, sovrn also gives approval.

 sovrn sovereign monetization settings

  There is a publisher program like Google Adsense which is a program to earn more money than Google Adsense, in which you can do more monetization by putting any of your articles on your website, so that you can make money by adding whatever you want to your article.  Like you can use such program after you start your ad program, you can choose thousands upon thousands of programs for $ 1  Also the article of the website is 1000 times, then after that you will get a $ 1 or you can use your $ 5 or you can use $ 10 or you can use $ 15 or you can use $ 50.  Even if you wish that you want to run your website on the most expensive, then your ad will run according to your needs and as many times as I have told you after burning 1000 times  You can suck $ 1 or you can suck $ 5 or you can do $ 10, if you go on top of my website, then I can make $ 5 thousand fine according to that, you can do your website accordingly and good thing its payment time.  Two time is transferred to your account on the 1st of the month on the 1st, as is done in Google Adsense, by pressing the payment.

  Must have a website

To come to sovrn, you have to create a website which is a tea blog website or a WordPress website or any operating programming website from where your traffic comes, there is a condition inside it at least 1000 U.  Should be 1000 visits to your website, after that it gives approval to your website, after taking approval you can run Solanki end and after running the ad,  Can have a lot of income, it happens that again and again I am telling you that instead of Google Adsense, use 100 runs and after using 100 runs, you can earn money from there and Google can be done because  It gives both options, if it runs then it will run or Google Adsense's ad will run automatically, thus you can lose more and more money according to your website how much time your website  According to that, 100 runs will show your ads and according to that you have done AdSense, Adson will show your ads and both the ads will be on your website and you will get the maximum return of whatever revenue you told me earlier.  I have written that you can write the rate, I have to earn at $ 5 or take $ 10, but it will run according to my own money, where whatever, whatever, according to their book  Land is the get the money according to the country do the same calculation would you add Rite I tell you that use them also add that you can be much more income from

  Must have original article

 sovrn also gives you permission like google adsense, that after entering the original article, you will give approval to your website only after entering the original article otherwise it will not approve, so i request you all the users who are in this, whatever i have  Whoever is reading this article of mine, note that you should only put the original article so that your website can stop monetization and you get maximum money  To earn money but for traffic you have to enter the article
  So I would like to tell you that the sovrn program of the website

  Make the article such that write that the more open it is within USA UK or Europe, it will give you more money because it is the most popular within Europe and it takes ads from here and from here to your website  But the ad shows that your website is more open in Europe, only then you can earn more and more money.

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